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Trusting The Antitrust

For a few months now anti-trust lawsuits have become a major headache for companies, especially for tech giants like Meta, Google, Apple, and Amazon. And the most interesting trend is that it is not limited to only one geography but throughout the world. I guess that it will turn into major news for tech companies in 2022.

If looked at closely, this is already changing the way business runs in a particular country, for example, Apple has recently introduced an alternative payment method in South Korea to reduce the monopoly issue being raised.

But why is this such big news, cause currently every country is focused on keeping the data and much of revenue share for local industries as it reduces the influence of such tech giants over the monopoly within their service domain?

The trend or such actions are not only limited to foreign countries but the home country USA as well. Various lawsuits are ongoing relating to privacy and bills that going to be introduced that if passed would result in structural changes to this area.

As it has happened earlier, the lobbying power will be applied in all its force this time as well but will it be enough to stop such a massive wave of legal and policy restrictions, I'm guessing not.

Though the recent crackdown by China is not an example that other countries will likely follow but there surely will be a well-coordinated crackdown on such giants and any deals they make hereon.


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