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First, let me provide you with a brief of my work-life journey that has resulted in taking the first and now the second step towards an important and long journey as a brand.


After working for five years as an Equity Analysis for a Global Asset Management Company managing more than $900 Million AUM in its Indian Offshore Fund. During this time I became aware of the difference in method and discipline between institutional & retail investors, especially in long-term investing. And after appearing on Indian business channels for two years along with running a subscription-based advisory till February 2020 this became more evident.


But at the start of 2020, before the pandemic and lockdowns started. I decided to pause on all externalities of the business. This resulted in purely focusing on internal processes and methods that were focused on initiating a long journey to bridge that gap, even for the institutional investors as there is an overload of information.

Thus, it was important to create a database that contains global sensing with the highest frequency possible. As the data compilation, analysis, and monitoring along with the movement of global assets occurred in a sustainable and disciplined manner there was a clear interlink with the surprise of accuracy to consistent the path of investing.


This has led to initiating the second phase of this journey. It will have three phases that would cover data to knowledge and its impact are being externally shared in the Blog platform from Nov 2022 and now the Data platform from February 2024.


The brand's vision and mission are common

Keep It Simple


I would personally like to welcome you to explore the second phase and the elements involved in it. The reason I call them projects is that they make the mission the main driver without causing any distractions.

Discipline and sustainability are needed for any successful work and would personally make sure that this step is the just another small step but yet an important one.




Sameer Kalra

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