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Then Offline to Online , Now Online to Offline

Shopping has been one behaviour that has not changed much or to put it more specifically has not reduced as people got more money. Instead, with generations, the proportion has only increased in absolute and relative terms.

One can point to the change of mode from offline to online in the early 2000s onwards especially post 2010. This has brought many stores and brands to rethink the strategies and break down the bias of being only offline mode.

The trend got accelerated during the pandemic when people ended up saving more, as the avenues of expenditure remained limited. But within this a new breed of sales entrepreneur flourished, you may know them as influencers. On average anyone can influence twenty-six people to buy anything even if they have not bought it.

This has resulted in many offline brands tying up with these influencers along with creating a much higher online presence, as they would have estimated three years ago. It has resulted in exponential sales growth from such channels and a higher contribution to total sales than internal estimates.

The most recent trend is the brands developing certain products or offline stores to attract such customers even if it ends up just being a photo shared online. Some brands that you might have seen in offline stores originated online with help of such influencers as the large-scale young generation acceptance & demand of such brands.

The generation changes may result in a change of product lines or making the brand more appealing to them but no change would result in a total shutdown of offline shopping as the human behavior results in bringing home more than just tons of bags having products needed or not.


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