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The Russian Poker - Is West willing to Call ?

It has not only been a tense cold start to the year weather-wise but also political weather is as cold as it can get when it comes to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. But now it is mainly Russia against NATO rather than Ukraine.

You could say the timing of this could not be any worse as the energy crisis intensifies in Europe with a major gas supply coming from Russia.

As of today, numerous discussions are going on between the countries involved, and efforts are made to resolve the dispute via diplomatic route.

This process next week will be crucial as Russia gets a written reply from USA and NATO on the demands made by them.

The delicate nature of the problem is not only limited to Russia trying to make sure Ukraine is not a member of NATO cause they do not want them at the Russian border side. But it is also important to see that how Russia responds as a diplomatic route might not provide the solution.

The fact that large deployment of Russian troops is all over Ukraine border side and now another unit is getting deployed in Belarus. This is at a stage called locked and loaded with no room for West to be calling it a bluff and going all in.

Even during such a time, it is important to know that any aggression from any side will break into large-scale proxy chaos that would not be good for the global economy that is already facing a large-scale battle of Energy costs.


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