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The Political Transformation of India

Recently five states in India held state assembly elections. Out of the four were won by Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) and one was won by Aam Admi Party (AAP).

The interesting trends emerged from these states and due to these trends, there is a confirmed transformation of Indian Politics. And it is an important time as within the next two years there are further state elections and the grand national election.

The first trend that emerged is that except for one state all results were clear of the results in the first tranches of counting. This means that voters are well aware of the choices and there is not much that other parties could do to move the needle in their favor.

The second trend, is the voters that are not willing to vote for BJP for their reason are not even willing enough to vote for Congress. This trend confirms that voters are willing to pick a non-congress party and even lead it to form a government like in the state of Punjab.

The third trend, despite all the issues and crises that have emerged in the last two years, did not impact the voter base of the ruling party. Instead, there have been some vote share gains due to the support through various schemes that have trumped.

And the last trend, meanwhile the opposition parties scramble internally and externally to join forces there seems a very less likely chance that the agenda can be made and executed to increase voter confidence in next twenty-four months.

As of today, there is only one national party that is going to continue to serve the nation as the voter's mind is becoming more focused on support and life changes. The important thing to remember sixty-four percent of India is in rural areas that as transforming from the ground up.


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