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The Invisible Division - Just became Visible

Right now global news is focused on how the USA and Europe are responding to Russia regarding the military operation in Ukraine. But if there is careful scanning there is a very clear division of the world that might have become invisible for many decades to become visible.

This division is related to the economic influencer and influenced countries. Between hundreds of countries in the world, only a handful can change the direction and steer everyone into chaos overnight.

It might be beneficial in many ways but not at the time when the world is still going through a pandemic and high inflation causing affordability of necessities into a luxury. This division is also being an influence the society's behaviour within a country leading to civil chaos.

We do not live in a world where everyone for themselves is beneficial but the current and last two years have been driving countries in that direction. And as we go further down this year with food shortages becoming more widespread and energy prices pushing basic goods into luxury goods prices, countries and citizens will surely have chaos rising might even lead to civil wars.

Though the division is only going to worsen before it does get better. It is the responsibility of that handful of countries to assist the world in subsidising the impact as ignoring to do so will create divisions that are stronger and stay longer. This will eventually make the world go through various crises not only limited to financial and health.


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