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The Coal Saga of India

As the world together recognises the need to reduce the emissions of hazardous gases. Most of the future heavy lifting is pointed towards India and China. But the matter of fact is they have been doing the maximum possible without sacrificing the economic growth, especially in India.

If the demand side is looked at then India needs to add a capacity equivalent to all of Europe's current capacity in the next twenty years. Without the thermal capacity, this is an impossible and expensive task to be achieved. For such a purpose the developed nations must arrange a large amount of financing targeting green initiatives in developing nations at low cost.

This makes it clear that coal will be still a major source of economy and power in India. The landscape and history of coal have not been very clean in many senses but it is one of the largest employment sectors and indirect provider of many social schemes as they are funded by state revenues.

Financials of coal in India are still unorganised to some extent as major mining happens via contractors that have been doing the same work since thee days this was the most corrupt sector. But due to more transparency of the sector auctions and railways logistic technology, there has been a reduction in such events.

Thus, thermal is here to stay and the solution to a cleaner thermal plant is Fuel Gasification technology that has already been implemented and in the next three to five years the plants would be at a higher rate of compliance.


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