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Omicron - A mild start from here ?

Post the detection of the newly discovered variant Omicron the world is all sudden suffering from flashbacks but till now early data suggests the transmissibility is way ahead as compared to previous variants. This has led the United Kingdom to be the first major country to reintroduce restrictions though they are in a version that is not harsh for the economy for now.

All eyes are on the various data that would be released in the next two or three weeks making the virus threat level more clear. But if history does leave a pattern then at the start of any variant the severity is milder as compared to the later stage.

For reference, the early study data of Pfizer or Austria independent agency are showing much less neutralising ability with two doses and only half ability with even the third dose. This is no way to say they do not work but science needs to detect the correct level of threat so that again politics does not lead to a repeat of 2020, even though for a shorter while.

There are certain signs within all the noise that companies have already begun to adjust the vaccines by March 2022 and even regulators are preparing to approve.

The impact of another level of lockdown in the coming months will be necessary but might leave a hard impact on the mental & behaviour of the population that would make future predictability next to impossible.

Thus, such volatility is not only the problem but in addition, the inflation rising irrespective of this is making a bubble ready to burst at a proportion that will be quick and impactful.


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