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Musk Dodging Twitter ?

The most surprising people create revolutions during the most surprising moments in history and. Elon Musk is not only fitting the bill in the best way possible but using it on a growing base is extraordinary.

Imagine a man that stays in a box home and is a workaholic with a $285Bn net worth. He will not only think outside of the box but also buy the box and change the rules that hold everyone back. This is his main motive behind the recent stake in Twitter. Yesterday his offer of taking Twitter private not only moved the financial world but for sure beyond it.

It is because today's usage of social media and the rules it writes makes our "freedom of speech". So he wants to revamp the whole system and make it unbiased. It is and will be an uphill task with the least probability of success but as per comments yesterday he has a Plan B. Is he overplaying his hand, many on the table would say that but then they also said it with Tesla and SpaceX.

Winning or Losing is a part of being wealthy but the way the wealth is used has to be explored well. Social media during the past two years and more has shown how biased algorithms have become but alternative social media without these biases are not successful. The only way it is possible is the way Elon is trying to do it.

If successful then history will be made but if not then his Plan B will for sure be better than everyone's Plan A. The effect of it has already started with Vanguard increasing its stake to 10.3% overnight and the Saudi Kingdom rejecting his offer.


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