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Farming - Desperate Times , Desperate Measures

As there has been an astronomic rise in fertilizer prices recently many large farmers are turning to desperate measures and some might even label them dangerous. One of the largest farming companies in brazil has announced that it would reduce fertilizer use by 25% and it should not impact the yield.

This measure has no proven data or any expert backing it up because this would suggest that soil has gained that amount of fertility since last season which is impossible as it faced extremely dry conditions last season.

Others including many small and medium farmers throughout the world are showing a lower amount of crop than usual. This would result in an automatic drop in the total harvest.

All these measures do not account for any impact of extreme weather conditions till the crop is stocked in warehouses. This is a very important factor as it has been successful in displaying the damage it can do in past few years.

Though the reason behind such measures is the logical impact of it on the food cycle would be much larger and costlier. This would for the sure impact the food security of many countries if not all.

Some governments have already issued a warning regarding the food crisis that is ahead. But the problem is not that people are unaware the issue becomes that regular citizens are already seeing large drops in disposable income and if basic requirements especially food prices go astronomical then the issue of depression for a few years is certain.

Though India has risen to fill the gap in the wheat demand there needs to be an initiative at the global level to coordinate and act before damage is uncontrollable.


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