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Dragon & Bear against The Eagle

­Yesterday the news quoted United States Sectary saying that China was providing or planning to assist Russia with its drone for the military operation in Ukraine.

This was claimed as disinformation by China, this was after a seven-hour meeting between both countries in Rome. Now, this has surely changed the narrative of China being neutral anymore has surely changed the narrative of China being neutral anymore and led to a clear communication by China that all the sanctions applied by the Western world will not hamper the relation of Russia and China.

It will also put further strain on the US-China relationship as the bypassing of sanctions will not only disturb them but also bring a view that two or more countries can dominate the policies of the world despite the dollar dominance.

The current scenario of decoupling in the real world is disturbing and expensive for sure but in the medium or long term as the way of working and technicalities smoothen there might be a surprise to the complacent.

A world order that has two bases with one side dominant by Europe and USA and on another side Russia and China. One side is dominant in the consumption world with much dependence on the other world.

Creating supply chain issues in the environment of already strained is not a positive move. If and when Russia along China disturb the supply chain it will surely send the US, UK, and Europe inflation much higher resulting in Central banks panicking and hence creating a financial crisis by the year-end or next year.

The rest of the world especially India has an important choice to make but neutrality is surely the best policy for now.


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