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Covid Lives & Horrors

There have been enough headlines that have been surrounded on geopolitical issues and it must be on the front page. But there has been another issue that should be still on the front page to remind us that the entire pandemic is not over and still discipline has to be maintained.

Today is the day when it has returned to become a major headline as China takes Shenzhen one of the largest cities into a lockdown and has reported 3200 new cases in total for the country. This is the third city to go under lockdown within ten days. You might point towards the policy of zero covid but if you track and observe data related to covid Europe is also seeing a reversal in number and so is the UK.

Does this mean lockdowns will return? It is too early to say that but for sure this confirms that covid as concern should not be ignored. The complacency and the urge to live a normal life with the least of its concern is the top priority especially in a political year as major countries go through important elections.

The next three months will be vital as the summer covid wave hits many countries with people high on complacency and lower on immunity as the booster protection wanes. The need for a fourth shot is already being discussed in many countries before the cases rise and hospitalisation becomes an added concern in the June quarter.

This will remove all the speculative price rises in commodities for some time as the growth further reduces and even results in a recession this year.


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