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Bot or Not - Will Twitter be Bought ?

In the past couple of days, there has been a new twist added to the Elon – Twitter deal and it is related to a question that everyone thinks of when social media is discussed. The question is what percentage of daily active users are robot-driven accounts and what is the actual human-driven account count.

This question has led to the deal being kept on hold. There was an article recently mentioning that the percentage is less than 5% and the same is disclosed to SEC(Securities Exchange Controller). But on suspicion raised by Elon has led to a panic among the Twitter team. He has also been warned by the legal team for breach of NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) when he said that the algorithm is manipulating the users in ways they cannot imagine.

In the era of conspiracy theories, what if all this was done by Elon to get familiar with the way algorithm and manipulation worked along with the extent to it. A threat of an NDA breach would not stop him from knowing the unknown it can only expose it.

But he has mentioned that he is still interested in the deal but the answer to robot accounts will determine the valuation that is already to be revised downwards. Though it would be a relief to Tesla shareholders as it might ease the pressure to use his holding for the deal.

The curious mind will always question why such an article got published at such a crucial time of the deal. Are there certain people that do not want Twitter going to Elon?

The answer to that can only open dark doors. For now, the stock has already dropped 27% from the peak making a profit for the short sellers that stand at 4.7% of total outstanding shares as compared to 6.7% a few days back.


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