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Wind Power - The Forgotten Child

For the last couple of years, higher power from renewable sources is the agenda of every country's mind. But mostly the focus goes to Solar and is more logical as well, this is because there is ample resource available during the day. But there is another resource that is less talked about and is available in ample amount that is wind.

If looking at some countries like Germany and United Kingdom wind energy does provide a good share of power production. But if the world coastline and other favorable dynamics towards wind energy are seen then we are hardly exploring.

There is onshore and offshore option available and both have pros and cons like everything else in the world. But it is a resource that is better used as compared to hydro that results in a high risk of floods and shifting of population.

Some advanced turbines being used in windmills now require less maintenance which has been a large roadblock for the category. And they can produce higher output even at standard wind speed compared to earlier versions.

Though countries having them are currently facing low production and shifting to other resources but in a longer duration, there is a profitable case for the category, especially for the offshore segment.


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