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Variance of Chaos

The variant called Omicron, which is the fifteenth letter in the Greek alphabet has created nervous rippling across the length and breadth of the world making it severely impossible for anyone to ignore it.

This was first flagged by South Africa and as a result, has been hammered with the travel ban and other restrictions on the global stage within a few hours of the release of information. This has proved to be a problem for travellers and the scientific community as well, causing the reagents required for testing and lab purposes to be limited available.

In terms of information, there is not much known except that some initial data reveals that many spike proteins are not in the place where other variants have been present and there is a spike protein that results in the escape of antibodies of level two.

This will progress into a full detailed data reveal over the next few weeks where the world would be given proof of how transmissible it is and the level of immunity evasion.

The purpose of ahead information is crucial for the recovery that has been achieved at the global stage and the risk posed to it as the financial world comes to the reality of high inflation that will be fought at all fronts at the same time.

In the end, whatever the study reveals will not be a peak study. But this flu season there will be a high possibility of large volatility in the months ahead.


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