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New Trading Routes = New Future ?

During the last two years, geopolitical tensions have played the most important role in the corporate world. This has resulted in various companies looking out for area experts to help them understand the changes. This is important because the hot and cold wars have led to a reconfiguration of trade relations and also the routes.

The biggest example is Russian energy products, before the conflict neither Russia nor Europe had to look for alternative customers or suppliers. But post-conflict most of Russia's energy products are being bought by China & India, whereas the USA has become the largest supplier to Europe.

In such a scenario the trade routes play the most integral part of the puzzle called future. The USA and Europe are already using their influence to create routes that help them diversify from the current ones. And due to this Asia, the Middle East and Africa are witnessing a growing importance in political circles.

Though it is still early to decide on eventual winners if this change slowly and surely the world of tomorrow will have quicker ways to move goods from one place to another, resulting in lower logistical cost. Thus, one sire winner will be the large corporates that have to hold more inventory and absorb higher logistical costs for every dollar of revenues.


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