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Is Being Neutral Wrong ?

There were times when diplomacy and being neutral were highly regarded but in present times it is taken as being wrong. Now when I say present it means since 24th February 2022, when Russia started a military operation in Ukraine.

At the moment there has been a compulsion for countries to choose a side as the cold war has turned hot in many ways. And at every stage, nations are involved to vote on a resolution of some sort in various United Nation Forums. This is the moment where everyone spots the neutral ones and tries to pull them on the side of "good".

But this becomes more critical when the neutral country is the largest democracy and an upcoming growth engine of the future world called India.

In the US Senate hearing that happened this week, India was indirectly told to choose the USA side as far as current geopolitical issues were concerned. This was more of intimidation and threat of sanctions under CAATSA due to its purchase of S-400 from Russia.

Both sides have done unimaginable damage to the world before the escalation and the way ahead might turn into two parallel worlds. Within such circumstances being neutral is the only solution that will create the right environment leading to de-escalation even if sanctions are the threat.

Being a bully and threatening sanctions in such a geopolitical storm is surely not a sign of being the "good" side and it is a sign that the world of the past will be only limited to the transition of the world of the future.


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