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Healthcare Revolution on Your Finger Tips

Some years ago imagining that everything from detection and treatment of disease will be possible from your own home was thought possible only in futuristic movies. But thanks to the rush of investments that have been made in healthcare startups and tech giants. This distance of innovation has been reduced drastically over the past three years.

Today from diagnostics to telemedicine and post-tracking vitals for improvement is all available on the phone or watch on the wrist. Though most of the time a visit to the doctor would be necessary for the initial phase of treatment or where doctor availability is an issue, in these scenarios such a revolution in healthcare was necessary.

Another positive impact is it helps in reducing the cost of healthcare-related expenses. In a country like the USA, almost 18% of GDP is on healthcare spend with much of it wasteful or misallocated expenditure.

The revolution also got a major boost when the large tech giants like Apple, Samsung, and others joined the initiatives and accelerated the rate of innovation by opening the hardware to growth-hungry entrepreneurs.

Yes as always there is also a negative side to it, for example, a company promised to combine silicon valley and the healthcare industry in the diagnostic avenue, and currently, the promoter has been convicted of fraud with a jail term. And another company was banned as it was found with mishandling the data collected.

In the end, it would be on the end consumer to decide what and how the revolution would be taken ahead but there are many areas of exploration at the present time than they ever were in healthcare.

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