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Electric Vehicles at CrossRoads ?

Every new industry reaches a stage where the growth drivers of it become more complex. Electric vehicles seem to be entering that stage as the demand in various counties plateaus or declines and the competition among markers intensifies.

Along with the market-driven complexity is the r external factors such as tariffs and emission norms. Wishing this most of the focus is on China, how they have become the largest EV exporters in a short period along with reaching high penetration locally has caught some countries off guard.

This trend has led to European countries opening investigations into EV dumping by China. But the trend is continuing to grow stronger as even Tesla calls goes local restrictions on Chinese EV imports.

On the conventional fuel side, Volvo made its last diesel car last month. The USA has introduced strict emission standards for cars and trucks that would require to reduce 50% of per vehicle emissions by 2032.

All these trends do indicate a higher market share for EVs but the crucial question is when non-China companies and factories will have enough supply to replace or compete with them even after restrictions are applied.


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