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AI rally at a Crucial Stage ?

The AI era has entered its second year with a bang. The rally in terms of stock prices or the development of new products might have been the quickest in decades if not more. Whether it is Open AI Sora that gives unimaginable short videos through text input or a Robotics company like Figure AI that raised a billion dollars from the likes of Open AI, Jeff Bezos and others.

The speed at which these developments are taking place is surprising even for the experts who are involved with these firms. All this attention has resulted in investors pouring in money into Tech sectors like never before. Nvidia has gone from $500 to $790 within two months. Microsoft which is a stakeholder in Open AI was able to surpass Apple in terms of value.

All these shifts are rallies that are spreading optimism in the darkest of corners of pessimism. But the important question is whether this will sustain for the next ten months or is there going to be a pullback from here?

There are references to the craze of today with 1999-2001. But the important thing to notice is that even after the 2001 pullback certain companies like Amazon survived and thrived. Then the more important question to answer is who will be able to survive any large pullback if it happens?


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