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AI Fusion - Action & Reaction

It has been almost one year since the first news of Chat GPT and generative AI came out in the mainstream. Since then the growth in its development and deployment has been exponential. There are already big acquisitions and investments happening as this is being written. But the question remains who will end up benefiting?

As per some reports it is expected that AI will increase the Global GDP by $ 4 trillion through productivity. Yesterday JP Morgan's head said that the technology change might result in the work week being 3.5 days and as quality of life improves people might live up to 100 on a normal basis.

This means gunatit benefits but what about the large tech giants that are investing billions towards the back and front end of the technology? They might be the biggest beneficiaries as the world turns towards a more connected and dependent future.

Thus, the benefits might be for both humans and corporations. But the law of nature and other subjects mention that for someone to gain, someone has to lose. Will they lose differentiated thinking or higher inflation as higher productivity would result in higher wages?

We might think that all this would take many years to gather scale and impact. However, people involved in deployment have already mentioned that they are witnessing results that they thought could be only achieved by the next decade or so.


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