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Electric Vehicle Ecosystem Chaos

If the world could easily switch the millions of new ICE vehicles sold to EV then in the next ten to twenty years the world would be electric. But the dream gets broken when the ecosystem of EV is lagging miles behind.

The main issue that is stopping major switches from customers is range anxiety that means that the charge of the battery would be running out much quickly resulting in a higher frequency of charge requirement. This is not only an issue from the buyer but also from the side of major carmakers delaying the aggressive switch of production.

Even with a total population of 6 million EV worldwide, there are only 1 million EV chargers available and within that most are not fast chargers, meaning an average time to charge a sedan will be eight hours resulting in a further reduction in the availability of chargers free at any time.

As per some reports, there is a need of 40 million chargers by the end of this decade, requiring an investment of $90Bn that is a manageable amount given the past couple of years has seen trillions of liquidity.

Another issue that many countries with higher EV sales in the past five to seven years are going to face is that many batteries will be going to junk as they would have burnt out resulting in higher charging time or quicker drainage.

The issues that have been raised are being addressed but the lag of ecosystem creation against the EV sales might result in another failed attempt of reducing the emissions and the longer need for subsidies to support this system.


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