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Distribution Inequality in time of Demand Equality

In the last two years, the world has seen various levels of inequality of distribution whether it is money, vaccines, energy fuel, or food. And this has disturbed the global synchronisation at the core level. Mainly due to the demand for all these thins being high and equal throughout regions.

It all started with a synchronised lockdown that opened up political policies of make and consumes your own. This meant a 180-degree turn from the world leaders going on about globalisation efforts.

We as an individual might question it, and how it matters to us. But today when you go to a grocery store and pay thirty or more percent higher for the same items with less weight inside them. Then you should look at this as the core reason for it.

When developed countries decided to print a large mountain worth of money they not only destroyed their demand-supply balance but also other countries as well.

At the time of vaccines availability, the USA restricted exports of it and raw materials for others. This was led by America's first policy but it delayed the first doses to many "global" citizens that were given priority before.

Even now when the Russia-Ukraine conflict goes on the USA and other major nations decided to sanction many needful supplies. This led to a premium on oil and gas prices that were already higher.

These issues have led the struggling countries to an even direr situation. Sri Lanka recently defaulted and is running low on all things possible.

But the main problems are only going to get bigger and darker in the near future as food and money supply shrink further while becoming more costly and scarce.


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