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Covid to be a Pandemic or Endemic In 2022

There is a view that favours wording covid as an endemic next year but is it not too soon to be called that?

The usual process is that endemic is declared when the mutation or the disease impact has been reduced and seen in the real data.

Currently, there is a difference between the official and excessive death toll due to covid, so by calling it an endemic would be a not hurried decision resulting in lowering of the guard by countries resulting in further spread with a possibility of lethal mutation.

This will be the first flu season where vaccines have been administrated to reduce the severity of covid. Thus, it will be important to observe for the next four months there are already reversals in the relaxations given by some countries.

In the past, it has taken five seasons for the mutation to plateau or the impact of contracting the disease to reduce. This is only the third season and it does not mean that impact or mutation has reduced instead it can reverse impact by December End or January as the majority of the world see the immunity from the second dose fade away.

If not contained or warned irrespective of vaccine availability this season could prove to be more harmful and might lead to a reversal of relaxations throughout major economies bringing us back to a blanket lockdown scenario in January or February 2022.


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